Jako Hall Reveals How You Can Stay in a Shape While Traveling.

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Finding the proper routine to stay in shape is already a mindful task, so keeping up with good health habits can seem tricky when travel comes into the mix. The good news is that caring for your well-being is not an impossible feat when travelling often; it requires an extra sense of self-awareness and discipline.

Captain Jako Hall spends his days on the sea for his profession. His experience includes many a trip sailing across multiple oceans and to far-reaching destinations. As travel is the centre of his career, Hall offers these five feasible and practical tips to staying in shape when maintaining a daily routine at home is not always an option.

Tip #1. Eat Out Less

A great way to staying in shape while on the road, in an airport, or in another country is to eat out less. Eating out less also gives you a chance to explore more local activities wherever you travel, such as shopping in the grocery store. Prepare to take on the adventure with protein and fibre in mind. Packing snacks ahead of time will help you avoid less healthy alternatives that can hinder your fitness goals.

Tip #2. Get Good Sleep

Getting a good night’s rest is crucial for staying in shape while travelling. Sleep is the key to muscle tissue recovery between workouts. The suitable hours of sleep also play a prominent role in vamping up your energy for the next day. With sleep, your mind focuses more quickly, which is a must while travelling.

Tip #3. Incorporate Daily Basic Workouts

Try to work with your travel schedule rather than adding to it. Maybe you are travelling through airports all day — try and go on walks while you wait to board the plane or take the stairs wherever you go. Always bring athletic shoes on every trip so that you can exercise where ever you go. Taking a jog where you are staying can be a great way to explore the surroundings while also staying fit. Look at your travel schedule ahead of time and plan your workouts and how best to do so in your location.

Tip #4. Never Eat Two Bad Meals in a Row

Staying in shape is a combination of eating healthy and staying active. To help keep yourself on the right track while on the go, try to stick to this food rule: never eat two bad meals in a row. Adopting this mindset will significantly improve not only eating habits but also remaining in line with choosing healthy choices the majority of the time. It also allows you to try local food options without overdoing it still freely.

Tip #5. Drink Water and Tea

Fill up your belly with water and tea to help you stay hydrated, fuel a faster metabolism, and stay fuller for longer. Tea will also give you energy and antioxidants to keep your health in check. Sticking to water bottles while travelling, especially in a different country, is always a safe move to avoid undrinkable water that would make you sick.

About Jako Hall

Jako Hall is an experienced mariner and a former naval officer known for his strong work ethic and ability to lead and motivate crews. He pursued Maritime Studies at the University of Technology in Cape Town and has received the highest level of training in Navigation and Seamanship during his years in the Navy. After 13 distinguished years in the Navy, Jako joined the superyacht industry, following his passion for creating unique and exclusive experiences for high-net-worth clients. He’s managed multi-million euro projects that required attention to detail and efficiency and has a proven track record of operating at sea in remote and unsupported areas.e