Jako Hall Shares 5 Tips for Staying Healthy with a Busy Lifestyle

Originally published on pulseheadlines.com

When living day-to-day, always on the go, sometimes self-care is harder to add to the priority list. The way the world has adapted to the fast pace of life makes unhealthy food options frequently seem like the only answer for a “quick and easy” meal. However, staying healthy is crucial for longevity, mental clarity, energy levels, and so much more. Maybe reorganizing that priority list in the name of health is more vital than you think.

Jako Hall, a former naval officer who stays busy as an experienced mariner, views health as a necessity to maintain youth at any age. Though all too familiar with a slammed-packed schedule, Hall has always made time for health. He offers five tips for staying healthy while balancing a busy life:

Tip #1: Always Carry a Water Bottle

One of the first proactive health habits to get thrown out the door when rushing around is staying hydrated. Dehydration can affect cognitive function and make the body feel weak since water plays a prominent role in body makeup and function. Remember to stay hydrated by carrying around a reusable water bottle during the day. Some reusable water bottles that are more technologically advanced are defined as smart water bottles as they both track water intake and remind you to keep hydrated.

Tip #2: Choose Healthy Foods

What foods we choose to put into our bodies is a significant contributing factor to our health. When it comes down to deciding what to eat, try and choose healthy foods no less than eighty percent of the time, and never eat an unhealthy meal back to back. Keeping those two health cautious tricks in the back of your pocket will make choosing to eat healthier easier. It will also help push you in the right direction to find those delicious, healthful foods that you can effortlessly alternate in the place of junk food cravings.

Tip #3: Seek the Opportunity to Exercise

Fitting any exercise into a packed day can be challenging when the only time to exercise seems to be cutting into quality sleep time. Proper sleep is vital for good health, so instead of sacrificing any shut-eye, look for opportunities to exercise throughout the day. If you can take the stairs instead of the elevator, pick the stairs every time to get that heart rate going. While waiting in line, you can do calf raises or choose to walk laps at the airport rather than sitting at the gate waiting on your plane to call for boarding.

Tip #4: Look for Convenience

Staying healthy while balancing a hectic life can be made a little more possible with the power of convenience. Keep frozen vegetables stocked up in the freezer and fully cooked ready-to-eat bags of quinoa in microwavable pouches for a quick and easy vegetable stir fry. Another quick and easy healthy snack is frozen fruit of your choice with Greek yogurt.

Tip #5: Keep Your Mind Healthy

Maintaining good health includes both physical and mental well-being. Do not forget to give your mind the same attention you give your physical wellness. The brain functions more efficiently when healthy foods are its fuel. Giving your brain the rest you would give your body is critical too to give the mind time to thrive and be creative. Try to rest your mind with meditation, creative writing, or reading a fun book.

About Jako Hall

Jako Hall is a skilled mariner who gained extensive experience in vessel operations, leadership, and management while serving as a naval officer for 13 years. After serving in the Combat Branch on multiple warships, Jako transitioned into the superyacht industry. Sailing many oceans and remote destinations makes him uniquely qualified to handle any challenging maritime situation.