Captain Jako Hall Comments on the Superyacht Industry Boom During the COVID Pandemic

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The tourism and travel industries were completely upended during the COVID-19 pandemic, but not the superyacht industry. Captain Jako Hall explains what contributed to the boom.

By the end of this year, the Global Order Book produced by Boat International says there will be more than 1,200 superyachts built, which would represent a 25% increase over last year.

Superyachts are on backorder at many companies, and clients are willing to pay a premium to have their boats delivered sooner than the estimated completion dates.

It's no surprise that people are attracted to superyachts, but the question remains: Why now?

According to Jako Hall, several factors have contributed to the booming superyacht industry during the COVID pandemic.

First, superyachts allow people to escape everyday life in an instant. When things on land are challenging due to local restrictions of daily life, people can get a break by setting sail on the sea. And with a superyacht, people can do this without abandoning their own personal belongings or joining up with other people.

That last point is the second major contributing factor to the industry's boom: Superyachts provide people the opportunity to have safe and secluded trips away from crowds.

Many of the world's most popular tourist destinations are still filled with people, even during the pandemic. This can provide for potentially unsettling situations. Superyachts allow people to travel to these destinations without taking on the inherent risks of travelling in big crowds.

Finally, superyachts provide people with the opportunity to still be connected while they are away. One of the main obstacles to people spending long periods on superyachts was the need to return to an office for business.

The COVID-19 pandemic has lessened the importance of a central office and, in the process, opened up a world of possibilities when it comes to business.

People can still work aboard a superyacht. They can spend parts of their days on laptops and smartphones achieving all they need to achieve while being surrounded by pristine beauty aboard a superyacht.

With many of the pandemic's nuances likely sticking around long after COVID-19, the superyacht industry may continue to boom.

About Jako Hall

Captain Jako Hall is an experienced mariner and a former naval officer known for his strong work ethic and ability to lead and motivate crews. He pursued Maritime Studies at the University of Technology in Cape Town and has received the highest level of training in Navigation and Seamanship during his years in the Navy. After 13 distinguished years in the Navy, Jako joined the superyacht industry, following his passion for creating unique and exclusive experiences for high-net-worth clients. He's managed multi-million euro projects that required attention to detail and efficiency and has a proven track record of operating at sea in remote and unsupported areas.